Apr 25, 2021




COATV would like to thank the following board members for their time served on the COATV Board of Directors

john broderickJohn Broderick is one of the founding members of the COATV club and held the honor of being the first president of COATV in 1999, he was also holding the position of Secretary-Treasurer for OFATV.

He stepped down as President of COATV to take on the position of President for OFATV and held this position for 3 consecutive terms, 6 years. During this time, he continued as a director for COATV.

Then about 12 years ago he steps back into a COATV executive position took on the role of Secretary for the club till he passed the pen to Beth Wink in 2020.

Added to this amazing career in the journey of securing the sport of All-Terrain Vehicle in Ontario he also became the first Master Warden, the liaison with MTO for 2 years, and was instrumental along with Sue Rosenburg in obtaining insurance for OFATV after 911.

To say John has done it all is an understatement. Whenever the call came to help the club move forward John was there to help in any way possible.

As members of COATV club and any other club in Ontario, we all should stop to give John Broderick a tremendous thank you for all his contributions over the past 25 years.

Even though John has stepped down as Director he remains an active member of the club. You will still see him on the trails as a Club Warden. Thank you, John, for all you have done and continue to do for COATV and the sport of All-Terrain Vehicles in Ontario.

samSam McCron has been on the board since 2017. During this time, he served not only as a Director but the Chief Warden.  Sam has been an active member welcoming and training new wardens over the past 4 years.

Even though he has stepped down as Director and Chief Warden, Sam will continue to patrol the trails in a Warden capacity and a member of the COATV club. 

Thank you, Sam, for all you have done to contribute and your time as a director and Chief Warden for COATV.

 Joe Frangella has been on the COATV Board of Directors and an active Trail Warden since 2018. Joe has been a very valuable member of the board. Not only contributing to its trail maintenance and a warden patrolling on the trails but also tending to the upkeep of the Clubhouse and managing the boat dock launch boxes.

Joe is also staying on as a Trail Warden this coming season and has already been out on the trails helping get them ready for opening day. 

Thank you, Joe, for all you have done as a director, and what you continue to do as Trail Warden and member of COATV

 COATV is very fortunate to have strong passionate membership and volunteers. Each board member and warden brings their passion for the sport and uplift our club to the next level.  We want to thank these 3 gentlemen for all their contributions as a Board of Directors and look forward to continuing to work with them in this coming season.

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