Jun 6, 2021

This year the COATV Board nominated Bruce Carter as OFATV Volunteer of the year.  Bruce Carter has been a valued member of COATV for many years now. About 4 years ago Bruce  took on a bigger role in the Club and join the Trail Warden Team. 

For many of you that know Bruce, know that he always has time to speak to members and chat with them and share a story or two to help make them feel welcome.  
When COATV was able to hold events, Bruce always showed up early and welcome people and would jump in at the end of the line of vehicles and runs sweep to ensure all riders made it back safely.

Bruce Carter is always one of the first to respond to say he will be there when the call goes out for help to clear up the trails.  Bruce shows up early and ready to go with his saw in hand and ready to tackle whatever challenge that lays ahead for the day.

To say that Bruce is an active member is not an exaggeration besides the work he does on the trails each weekend, he attends all monthly meetings when we had them in person and is now set up in his garage to attend our online meetings and is active during the meeting sharing his thoughts and ideas.  


Please join us and thank Bruce for all his time he has given our club to help move the sport of All terrain vehicles forward in Simcoe County.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, send us an email at

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