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Feb 6, 2020

Did you know that Side by Sides and ATVs with tracks are not allowed on any roads in Ontario as per the provincial regulations?

ATV stops being an ATV as soon as you put tracks on it. At least as per the legislation as it is right now. It’s all about definitions in the law text. This means ATVS or SxS with tracks can not be on the road no matter what the local bylaws say (Please note: Sleds have a different regulation than ATVs )

ATVs might be allowed on the roads during winter months (summer months ) depending on your local bylaws. It is always wise to check with your local municipality before heading out on the roads any season to confirm they are allowed.

If you are stopped by the OPP when using a ATV or SxS with tracks you may be fined. The charged may be something like “Operating an ORV on a highway where not allowed”.

If you are in doubt always check with your municipality or your local police detachment. Know the Rules, Stay informed so you can enjoy your ride.
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