New Year’s message from the OFATV President

Jan 10, 2022

OFATV Saturday, January 1, 2022

Message from the OFATV President, Soren Klemmensen

Another great year for the OFATV and the sport of ATVing in Ontario is behind us and despite COVID-19 shutting down many club rides or activities our clubs found creative ways to create safe and responsible events.
Some clubs have held Geocaching events, social distant rides, and treasure hunts by using our QuadON mapping system. I absolutely love the creativity our clubs and volunteers show.
I would like to thank all our riders for supporting OFATV and a special thank you to our clubs and all of the price-less volunteers that keep the wheels moving on club and OFATV level for the benefit of all riders. Keep up the great work for our sport across Ontario. We could not do it without all of you.

ATVs lobby group have done a great job down in Queens Park. We have had countless meetings with many MPs, Ministers, and staff over the last year where we consistently push the agenda of the riding community for the benefit of the sport in Ontario.
We have seen so much support for the value of organized ATVing in Ontario and have big expectations for 2022 on the political front. As a sport, we are an economic powerhouse that brings economic development and support to rural Ontario via tourism and other activities associated to the sport. It is time and the time is now for good change to come to Ontario.
Thank you to all the politicians that support our sport and have taken the time to meet with us.

Get Trained
We got an amazing Play Smart campaign with support from MTO created. We hope you all will continue to use and support this campaign to promote Safe and Responsible ATVing in Ontario.
Permit Sales
While early in the year we saw astonishing growth compared to last year measured in the permit sales. Growth slowed down the latter part of the year ending with a very good year of 26% total growth and a total of more than 17,100 permits sold.
All funds are reinvested into the trails and the sport of ATVing in Ontario.
Get a permit for your machine:
We have consistently grown our provincial-wide trail system and 2021 was no different. We added 2,160km of trails and connections.
1,354km of these were off-road trails bringing more fun and value to our riders.
All OFATV trails can be found here:
Always up to date, always showing what is open and closed, bringing value to our rides in Ontario has paid off.
While we don’t have the final numbers the QuadON App we saw some amazing growth in 2021.
With huge traffic on the website version of the QuadON Map. The new and improved QuadON App launched in February 2021 saw more than 22,000 unique users over 11 months. With numbers like this, the QuadON App has firmly placed itself as the leading trails App for the ATV sport in Ontario.
Some of the improvements we saw in 2021 where:
  • New Check-in option allows riders to share their current location to social media, email, text, with more. This is a great alternative to the live sharing as it is a one-time link showing your current location.
  • Satellite or Hybrid view gives a satellite view of the roads in your area.
  • Decentralized management via club access to update and maintain certain parts of the mapping data.
  • More to come in 2022

The statistics show that we have millions of interactions with the App and it is being utilized extensively.
Get the QuadON App by following these links:

At OFATV we continue to work for one trail system in Ontario for our sport, one trail access permit system, and all governed by arider community lead a democracy. This is a proven and successful model. This is what OFATV was built to get done and what the riders want.

Before closing off a special thanks to all our staff here at OFATV. Always there looking out for us and keeping the wheels moving on a provincial level. We simply would not be where we are if not for all your outstanding work and passion for the sport.

On behalf of the OFATV, the board of directors, and our staff we wish you all the best for the new year and keep up your support in 2022.

Happy New Year,  Soren Klemmensen

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